Our range of Shade Sails and Shade Structures are the perfect solution to transform and add a dynamic impact to outdoor settings, for both domestic and commercial applications. Remarkably simple, yet boldly stylish, Shade Sails and Shade Structures are the ultimate solution in flexible protection.

Shade Sails are a new style of architecture, using shade cloth and other fabrics cut into shapes and attached to buildings, to enhance and expand living areas at a moderate cost. Developed in Australia 25 years ago, they can be used in virtually any situation where protection from UV is required. 

Shade fabric colours:

Absolutely Covered has an exciting range of designer colours to suit all your domestic and commercial needs, ranging from soft tones which blend in with your surroundings to bold colours that attract attention or make a statement and Corporate or Franchise colours for identification.

All our fabrics are AAA grade quality, lightweight, long lasting and robust and are tested to Australian Standards AS4174-1994.

The fabrics provide up to 99% UV-B block and up to 97% shade and have a 10 year manufacturers' warranty.


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Premium high grade commercial shade cloth
PVC high tensile membrane structures 100% waterproof
95% UV protection and having the capacity to breath and allow hot air to flow out
Poles are powder-coated galvanised steel, with marine grade fittings and stays
Range of custom and standard sizes
Range of colours for shadesail and structure

Swimming, Pools, Homes, Child Care Centres
Custom designed to suit individual applications
All shade structures are CAD patterned
Choice of sail seam location
All commercial sails use 15 years guaranteed thread
PVC waterproof fabric or shade cloth
Metal structure can be of stainless steel, galvanised steel or aluminium
Wide range of powder coat colours
Commercial, Schools, Swimming Pools, Sporting Venues, Childcare Centres, Hotels, Playground

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